Ocean’s Forest


Today I had the quintessential first day of summer experience. I paddle boarded above kelp forests off the coast of Malibu.

The blue ocean was unseasonably warm and the kelp swayed calmly below me. I was surprised to see perfectly camouflaged kelp crabs trolling the water’s edge and even an egret seemed to walk on water, exploring the surface kelp for a tasty snack. Small silver fish darted around in the clear water as we humans floated above on our boards.

This forest isn’t unique to Malibu, it grows all the way up the California coast. Why does California get so many amazing forests?!?! From the tallest forest (redwoods), to the most massive (giant sequoia), to the oldest (bristlecone pines), and the fastest growing kelp (12-inches in a single day)! We live in a pretty amazing place.

Happy Summer, everyone!

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