Del norte

Nature Writing

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  • Burns, Emily. “Seeing the Forest for the Ferns.” Wild Hope 2016. Print.
  • Burns, Emily. “The World Above Us.Wild Hope April 2015: 8-11. Print.

Scientific Publications

  • Emily Burns. 2016. Understanding Sequoia sempervirens. Proceedings of the Coast Redwood Science Symposium: Past Successes and Future Directions. USDA General Technical Report PSW-GTR-258: 9-13
  • Emily Burns, Jarmila Pittermann, and Christopher Rico. 2016. Evergreen and deciduous ferns of the coast redwood forest. Madroño 63 (4):  329-339 doi: 10.3120/0024-9637-63.4.329
  • Kevin Simonin, Emily Burns, Brendan Choat, Margaret Barbour, Todd Dawson, and Peter Franks. 2014. Increasing leaf hydraulic conductance with transpiration rate minimizes the water potential drawdown from stew to leaf. Journal of Experimental Botany, 66 (5): 1305-15  doi:10.1093/jxb/eru481
  • Kevin Simonin, Emily Burns Limm, and Todd Dawson. 2012. Hydraulic conductance of leaves correlates with leaf lifespan: implications for lifetime carbon gain. New Phytologist, 193: 939-947. New Phytologist 2012
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  • Emily Burns Limm, Kevin Simonin, and Todd Dawson. 2011. Foliar uptake of fog in the coast redwood ecosystem: a novel drought-alleviation strategy shared by most redwood forest plants, in: Proceedings of the Coast Redwood Forests in a Changing California: A Symposium for Scientists and Managers – Part 1. USDA General Technical Report PSW-GTR-238: 273-275. PSW-GTR-238
  • Emily Burns Limm and Todd Dawson. 2010. Polystichum munitum (Dryopteridaceae) varies geographically in its capacity to absorb fog water by foliar uptake within the redwood forest ecosystem. American Journal of Botany, 97: 1121-1128. American Journal of Botany 2010.
  • Emily Burns Limm, Kevin Simonin, Aron Bothman, and Todd Dawson. 2009. Foliar water uptake: a common water acquisition strategy for plants of the redwood forest. Oecologia, 161: 449-459. Oecologia 2009



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