Featured Interviews – TV, Radio, & Print

America Adapts Podcast: The Majestic Sky Islands in the Desert Southwest – Tales of Adaptation, Border Walls and the elusive Jaguar (August 2021)

NBC LX: Why the Environmental Crisis Sparked by Trump’s Border Wall May Be Irreparable (April 2021)

Voice of America: Threats to Wildlife Persist Even as US Halts Border Wall Construction (March 2021)

Arizona Public Media: After months of border wall construction, a look at the damage done (February 2021)

Vice News: Trump’s Border Wall Is Threatening Endangered Species (February 2021)

The Guardian: 2020 was deadliest year for migrants crossing unlawfully into US via Arizona(January 2021)

ABC 15 Arizona: Border wall construction ends, leaving damage and problems behind (January 2021)

Scientific American: Some Ecological Damage from Trump’s Rushed Border Wall Could Be Repaired (January 2021)

The Guardian: Trump’s border wall construction threatens survival of jaguars in the US (December 2020)

The Guardian: ‘An incredible scar’: the harsh toll of Trump’s 400-mile wall through national parks (October 2020)

High Country News: The border wall threatens decades of binational wildlife conservation (June 2020) 

Radiolab: Asking for Another Friend (March 2019)

CBS News: Mapping the genome of redwoods (July 2018)

KQED Forum: Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Report Says Thinning Forests Key to Saving Redwoods (April 2018)

San Francisco Chronicle: A plea to save California’s treasured coast redwoods, giant sequoias (April 2018)

Lonely Planet Kids: The planet’s coolest jobs: redwood tree doctor (March 2018)

The Washington Post: Decoding the Redwoods (February 2018)

KQED Forum: Albino Redwoods May Hold Key to Understanding Forest Health (September 2016)

SF Gate: 777-year-old tree is a babe in Muir Woods (June 2015)

Media Archive (2009-2018)

Television, Film, & Radio

KVOA: N4T Investigators: Wildlife Warning (September 2020)

Arizona Public Media: Border wall construction heightens environmental concerns in sensitive habitats (July 2020)

Conservation Unfiltered Podcast: Ep 56: Updates from the Borderlands(July 2020)

Fronteras: Border Wildlife Study Needs Virtual Volunteers To Help Identify Species (July 2020)

Arizona Public Media: Groups say border wall construction threatens biodiversity of Arizona sky islands (May 2020)   

Conservation Unfiltered Podcast:  Border Walls and Wildlife (April 2020)   

WRCBtv Channel 3: Conservation Scientists Launch Binational Effort to Document Wildlife in the Path of Trump’s Border Wall (April 2020)   

Fronteras: Binational Wildlife Study Documents Species Movement Across The Border(April 2020)   

KTVU: San Francisco scientists take an unprecedented look at California’s redwood trees (April 2018)

Oakland Trails: Old Survivor (October 2018)

KCRW Los Angeles: Is redwood growth the silver lining of climate change? (August 2013)

KPFA Terra Verde: Protecting the Redwoods (July 2013)

KQED Forum: The Majesty and Mystery of California’s Redwoods (June 2013)

NBC Bay Area: OpenRoad with Doug McConnell (July 2015)

The California Environmental Legacy Project Documentary: Becoming California (September 2014)

KPIX 5: Poachers butchering Northern California’s majestic redwoods for profit (May 2014)

ABC 7: Scientists study trees in Muir Woods (March 2014)

CBS SF Bay Area: Climate change may help California coastal redwoods grow faster (August 2013)

NBC Bay Area: Can we rescue the redwood trees? (July 2011)

University of California Natural Reserve System: Mapping the Future – The Angelo Coast Range Reserve: The Forest (August 2009)

Print and Online

Arizona Daily Star: Wildlife, rights coalition asks Biden to remove miles of Arizona’s border wall (March 2021)

Arizona Republic: Trump’s border wall scarred sacred lands, displaced wildlife and drained water. Can it be taken down? (April 2021)

Arizona Republic: Trail cameras reveal more than 100 wildlife species along Arizona’s southern borderlands (April 2021)

AP News: Damage from border wall: blown-up mountains, toppled cactus (December 2020)

Arizona Daily Star: Border wildlife cameras show animals facing ‘completely unprecedented’ barrier (August 2020)

The Daily Wildcat: Coyotes to coatis: Sky Island Alliance releases 90 day results for their Border Wildlife Study (August 2020)

High Country News: In Arizona, building a wall — and destroying a canyon (October 2020)

The Daily Wildcat: Five organizations in southern Ariz. continuing to pursue bold environmental projects amid the pandemic (June 2020)

AZ Central: Public lands in Arizona become epicenter for fight over Trump’s border wall construction(May 2020) 

AZ Central: As wall construction continues, conservation groups fear the fate of San Pedro River (May 2020)    

Únete 956: #rgvEarthDay2020: Conservationists document border wildlife(April 2020) 

Medium: Citizen Scientists: The Unsung Heroes at the U.S.-Mexico Border(April 2020) Border wall threatens sweeping variety of wildlife, federal officials say(April 2020)

The Burgundy Zine: The Ecological Cost of the Trump Border Wall(April 2020)

Apache Junction & Gold Canyon News:Conservation Scientists Launch Binational Effort  to Document Wildlife in the Path of Trump’s Border Wall (April 2020)   

Half Moon Bay Magazine: Clearing The Fog (July 2018)

CBS SF Bay Area: Scientists Map Old-Growth Redwoods’ Genome to Preserve Future Forests (July 2018)

Johns Hopkins Health Review: Reading the Trees
(April 2018)

Del Norte Triplicate: Groups partner to save the redwoods (April 2018)

Santa Rosa Press Democrat: California’s towering redwoods face uncertain future, report says (April 2018)

Marin Independent Journal: Report sounds alarm for Marin’s old redwoods (April 2018)

KTVU: San Francisco scientists take an unprecedented look at California’s redwood trees (April 2018)

The California Aggie: Conserving genetic diversity of ancient, towering California trees (November 2017)

Press Democrat: Mystery of California’s albino redwood trees may be solved (September 2016)

Mercury News: Albino redwoods: Mystery of ‘ghosts of the forest’ may be solved (September 2016)

SFist: Albino Redwoods, Unexplained ‘Ghosts Of The Forest,’ Might Have A Powerful Purpose (September 2016)

Times-Standard: Coast Redwood symposium returns to Humboldt County (July 2016)

East Bay Times: Can California redwoods help solve global warming? (July 2016)

Mercury News: Are California redwood trees the answer to global warming? (July 2016)

Santa Cruz Sentinel: Forest ferns feeling effects of drought (July 2015)

SF Gate: California Drought: Team climbs high to assess redwoods threat (October 2014)

Science World: Tree Poachers (September 2014)

East Bay Express: The Future of Redwood Forests (May 2014)

SF Gate: Cotati residents, scientists scramble to save albino redwood (March 2014)

Associated Press: Rare Redwood Faces Chopping Block in California (March 2014)

Bay Nature: Poaching Redwood Burl Affects Tree’s Reproduction (March 2014)

Santa Cruz Sentinel: Banking on the planet (February 2014)

SF Gate: 2 species found that owe lives to Giant Sequoias (December 2013)

Bay Nature: Redwoods growing faster in a warmer climate (August 2013)

LA Times: Climate change may be speeding coast redwood, giant sequoia growth (August 2013)

SF Gate: Ancient redwoods in growth spurt of a lifetime (August 2013)

Marin IJ: Surprise findings: Climate change causes Marin redwoods to grow bigger (August 2013)

San Jose Mercury News: Global warming may be helping redwoods and sequoias grow, new study shows (August 2013)

Outside Online: Giant redwoods in unprecedented growth surge (August 2013)

KQED Science Blog: California’s redwoods may be benefiting from climate change (August 2013)

Huffington Post: Redwood trees may help battle climate change, study finds (August 2013)

Bay Nature: Fog and Redwoods: Demystifying the Mist (June 2013)

SF Gate: Hidden redwood is remnant of forest giants (May 2013)

SF Gate:  Shady Dell deal preserves majestic redwood forest (November 2011) Redwood watch project connects citizens with scientists to save redwoods.  (May 2011)

Ukiah Daily Journal: An app to save the redwoods: conservation league launches new project (May 2011)

KQED News:  Save redwoods: there’s an app for that (April 2011)

San Jose Mercury News: Snap a redwood, help a scientist (April 2011)

SF Gate: Noyo River redwood deal comes with big catch (October 2010)


Mary Ellen Hannibal (2016) Citizen Scientist – Searching for Hope in an Age of Extinction. New York, NY: Workman Publishing Co., Inc.

Kyle Boelte (2015) The Beautiful Unseen – Variations on Fog and Forgetting, a Memoir. Berkeley, CA: Soft Scull Press.

Note – Some interviews reference my former name, Emily Limm

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