Seedling to Sapling


This week I traveled north along the Highway 101 redwood route to Humboldt Redwoods State Park. While I mostly kept busy with Fern Watch, measuring how much the drought is hammering the sword ferns in the understory, I also got to make a detour to the site where I helped plant trees three years ago.

This restoration site is a wide, old logging road that saw it’s fair share of trucks pulling logs out the forest back in the day. Left fallow, nature is slowly returning on it’s own in the form of grass and meadow shrubs and ferns. With our help however, the site now is home to the next generation of trees that will one day close the canopy gap above the road bed and heal the scars on the landscape.

One of the redwoods I planted looked green and happy as I visited it yesterday. We both are three years older and I feel so proud that it’s survived the recent warm, dry weather that has made young tree survival challenging. It’s grown so quickly from a tiny seedling to a sapling and I can’t wait to go check on it every time I pass by over the years ahead.


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