Lessons from the Dark

From the starless night sky in urban environments (far left) to the best dark sky places in the world (far right), we all can help protect our night sky in our very own community. Photo Credit: International Dark Sky Association.

I remember spending summer evenings as a child on the warm pavement of my parent’s driveway staring up at the night sky and watching for meteorites and satellites. It seemed so normal and yet somehow over the course of my life I lost the night sky. I moved deeper into urban life where ever-present light hid the stars, other planets, and the Milky Way from me.

My family moved to Tucson, AZ about this time last year so that my husband could lead the charge to develop global community solutions to protect the night sky at the International Dark Sky Association. We moved near to Saguaro National Park and I rediscovered the stars. From our driveway we can now see the Milky Way and the first stars appearing during the best desert sunsets.

My husband explains what we all can do to help protect our night skies, human health, wildlife and plant communities, while also reducing financial waste and climate emissions in his new lecture, Lessons from the Dark. Check it out!

Even the first glimpse of the night sky above the Saguaro is pure magic.
Teaching our son about the surface of the moon.

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