From Redwoods to Saguaro

After 15 years working on behalf of the redwood forests of California, I am making the exciting leap to focus on the conservation and restoration of the spectacular mountain habitats that punctuate the Sonoran Desert in the southern US and Mexico. The Madrean Archipelago, is an extraordinary chain of mountains that provide a vital habitat link between the Rocky Mountains to the north and the Sierra Madres to the south. These high mountains are known as the Sky Islands, because they are elevated ecosystems including grasslands, oak woodlands, and pine forests isolated by desert seas. Jaguar are the illusive and iconic predators that range between the Sky islands and are symbolic of the unbelievable biodiversity in this region deserves our protection and love. I’m so happy to become an advocate for the borderlands and Sky Island Alliance is the perfect place for me to apply my conservation passion.

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