Prop 68, a win for California’s land and water

My eyes opened this morning and I reached out for my iPhone on the nightstand in excitement (or trepidation?) to check the news and learn whether Prop 68 passed. It did! Voters approved the California Clean Water and Safe Parks Act and generously gifted $4 billion to help improve the condition of our parks and drinking water. This new funding will protect our communal backyard in all corners of the state.

From urban parks in Los Angeles to the mighty redwood forests of Northern California, from the passage of the bond we will see a new infusion of greatly needed funding. Redwoods Rising, our restoration collaboration at Redwood National and State Park, will receive $1.9 million to kick start the healing of logged redwood stands within the parks to regrow new old-growth for future generations.

Thank you to everyone who got out the vote yesterday, we did it.

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