Leaves Leaves Leaves

It was my obsession with the intricate and architectural form of leaves that inspired me to major in the plant sciences as an undergraduate. Enjoying leaves in nature is fortunately easy to come by in California and in recent years I’ve taken to translating my fondness for foliage into textile arts.

Embroidery and now felting are two of my favorite media for exercising my passion for nature’s solar panels. A few of my favorite pieces are pictured below. 

The monsters leaf is wool felted onto linen, a design by Dani Ives and supplies provided by the Crafter’s Box. The embroidery ferns are my own designs of California native ferns, Western sword fern and Goldenback fern. Select original fern embroideries are for sale on our Etsy shop, FernAndFell. 🌿🌿🌿

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