Graphic Takes Understanding to New Heights

Many of you probably have heard of Arbor Day, the holiday when people plant and care for trees. In the United States, National Arbor Day is always celebrated on the last Friday in April. But did you know that many states observe Arbor Day on different dates throughout the year based on best tree planting times in their area? California celebrates Arbor Day March 7 through 14. In honor of California Arbor Day and one of the state’s trees, the coast redwood (the other is the giant sequoia), Save the Redwoods League presents a new infographic that puts the coast redwood’s height into perspective.

Check out this comparison of a coast redwood’s height next to a 37-story building. It boggles my mind that coast redwood trees grow to reach such tremendous heights, inch by inch, year after year. With stature like this, it’s no surprise that coast redwood trees hold the world record for tallest trees on Earth. As if that isn’t impressive enough, they also can live more than 2,500 years.


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