Watch Becoming California tonight

Tonight on KQED, the California Legacy Project presents Becoming California, a inspiring look at our relationship with nature in our ever-changing state. It is a two-hour documentary, narrated by Jane Fonda, that explores both the urban and wild environment. The film includes spectacular footage of the redwoods and shows a window into my fern research on the forest floor!

KQED San Francisco: Sept. 10 at 10pm; Sept. 11 at 11pm; Sept. 13 at 10pm

KOCE Los Angeles: Sept. 25 at 8pm; Sept. 28 at 10pm

KLCS Los Angeles: Sept. 30 at 8pm

KVIE Sacramento: Oct. 6 at 10pm

KVCR San Bernadino: Oct. 16 at 8pm

KPBS San Diego: Oct. 19 at 10pm

OPB-Plus Portland: Oct. 19 at 10pm

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