Bucket List

photo 1-1At the risk of sounding super bossy, I’m going to strongly suggest that you hop in your car and drive immediately to Del Norte Redwoods State Park. The rhododendrons are in peak bloom right now along the Damnation Creek trail and it is a sight not to be missed.

The rhodies stand unassumingly at the base of the towering coast redwoods all year long. Then, spring hits and these evergreen shrubs put on the best show in town. Set against the broad brown trunks of the redwoods, rhodies put on a brilliant display of striking magenta flowers. The flowers live for only a few short weeks and pink petals will line your path as you walk through the foggy forest this time of year.

photo 5If you can’t go to Del Norte right now, will you at least promise me to put “see Del Norte Redwood rhododendrons in June bloom” on your bucket list? You’ll be glad you did.

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