Arbor Day Appreciation

Arbor Day tree-hugging is encourage! Photo by Ruskin Hartley
Arbor Day tree-hugging is encourage! Photo by Ruskin Hartley

“Other holidays repose on the past. Arbor Day proposes the future.” 

Quote by J. Sterling Morton, Co-founder of Arbor Day

It’s been a significant week for the environment, with the concentration of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere exceeding 401 ppm on Monday. This record-breaking carbon dioxide level is a clear signal that our world is changing. I can think of no better way to respond to this daunting environmental challenge, then by celebrating trees and taking Arbor Day action.

With the simple act of planting and caring for a tree, you are investing in clean air. As a tree grows, it breathes in carbon dioxide and locks the greenhouse gas away in its wood. Not only do trees clean our air, but they do it with peaceful beauty that significantly improves our quality of life as we walk and sit among them.

On this Arbor Day, help Save the Redwoods League plant trees in young forests in need of reforestation and send your friends an Arbor Day e-card to spread the tree love. But more than anything, go hug a tree today in gratitude!


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